Bar None Auto Loan Reviews

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What is a bar none auto loan?

A “bar none” auto loan is the best kind of auto loan available. With rare exception, it does not have to be paid back. You assign your loan to a broker, who in turn guarantees and purchases your car from you at a predefined price based on the market price of that year and brand-new. The loan is never due for repayment at any point for as long as you own the car. The benefits are numerous: no need for sales tax (which just adds to your costs), no worries about buying the right model, maximizing your tax deductions, getting a lower interest rate than with other types of loans.

How to apply for a bar none auto loan

You may be wondering how to apply for a bar none auto loan if you’re planning on purchasing a new car. Here are some helpful tips:
1. Verify that your vehicle is safe to finance
2. Learn about your available options, such as how your ratio of payments and down payment might help you get an affordable rate with our simple calculator
3. Apply today before the month starts

When to apply for a bar none auto loan

When it comes to car financing, timing is crucial. You need to decide when you are the most credit-worthy and approach a dealership in what will be the best possible time for you to make a purchase. Some users might benefit from taking out an application early in anticipation of purchasing. At other times, companies may run specials specifically meant for residents who apply early or have been preapproved.

What determines if I am approved for a bar none auto loan?

It is important to use an auto loan calculator before you go to apply for a credit approval. These calculators allow you to know what your chances are of being approved for a bar none car loan. You should make sure the rates are reasonable and that there are enough payments for you when it’s time to pay back the loan.

What benefits does a bar none auto loan offer?

With a bar none auto loan, you will be protected against major damages, hail damage, injury, theft, and more. These benefits are invaluable as they minimize the dangers involved with owning an automobile.

How much are interest rates on bar none auto loans?

Interest rates on bar none auto loans for new and used cars are about the same. You will usually receive a 3.95-3.00% interest rate even if you’re late or owe more than your down payment. For pre-owned vehicles, however, the interest may be a bit higher but pre-qualifications is usually not required.

Should I take an approved or denied auto loan application to court?

Depending on the situation, you have the option when denied to let it go or start a court case. If you feel that your case is valid, chances are that your application was approved.


An auto loan or car finance is a loan for the purchase of a car or other types of motor vehicles.

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