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What is a BBB Dispute

The BBB is a non-profit agency. Their goal is to increase trust between businesses in the USA. Businesses that are accredited by the BBB adhere to standards set forth by their accreditors so that you can trust them to do the right thing for your needs. If you pay your bill on time, you should eventually be paid back. Some people complain that it takes too long and they don’t get back their money .

Who is the BBB?

BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau. This organization is a watchdog group that tries to make sure that people and businesses are being honest, fair, and ethical. They review how companies are conducting their business and also how employees are doing their jobs. If they see problems, they speak out about it so other people know what to expect from them.

Getting to Know the BBB

The BBB recently learned that not only does solid work need to be done for this company, but also a large amount of work should be done as soon as possible. The implications of these findings are twelve plus months of ongoing effort and $43,000 in debt and investments prior to the first dollar generated before they’ll really make anything meaningful.

How to file a complaint with the BBB

Consumers can file a complaint against a franchise, by contacting the Better Business Bureau or other local regulator. The Bbb will also provide contact information in case they need to escalate their complaint to another regulatory agency.

What happens if I win my dispute?

If you win your dispute with a credit card company, you will typically receive up to 150% of what you paid as interest and/or fees billed in previous years on your purchase. However, if the creditor does not agree to refund the disputed amount, then you might have to go to small claims court in order to gain this payment.


After the breakdown of my car, I knew something had to change. I quickly found out that getting a quote from an auto loan company was tedious and could take weeks if not months. Luckily, blue harbor managed to give me a quote faster than expected and made me feel comfortable with the service they provide.

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