Cottonwood Auto Loan

Cottonwood Auto Loan looks like a traditional car dealer but the company’s face-to-face sales people are almost nonexistent. Rather, their website lets customers compare cars and talk to loan professionals on the phone, whether they live in Cottonwood, AZ or not. The company gets its name from cottonwood trees found throughout the area that provide natural beauty and inspiration when viewing photos of their cars.

Overview of Auto Loan Rates

For a good understanding of the best auto loan rates, a borrower might go to the website, The blog page helpfully explains that one of the factors in choosing your best available lender is distance from home; long commute means a higher rate. Another factor is total amount paid for car as day-to-day payments as opposed to extended financing.

When is the best time to apply?

The best time to apply for a car loan is as soon as you purchase your vehicle. As long as you’re an approved company, you may enter into a contract within seven days of purchasing the automobile. There are times when lenders will accept a late application if the circumstances were beyond your control.

How much can you borrow?

Cottonwood Auto Loan Services Inc. offers a number of loan options for customers in need of cash to purchase a new or used car. Customers can borrow as low as $4,000 for certain models or much more for higher-end vehicles. Interest rates are based on model age and how far the vehicle has been driven.

What are my financing options?

Many car dealerships offer financing, but if you don’t feel comfortable going to them and do not have credit history, check out lenders like

Is this the right loan for me?

Please make sure that you have thoroughly read the big print on your website before you sign up to receive a car loan. For example, if you happen to apply with a short-term loan from cottonwood auto loan, it is possible that the term of this loan can be increased by 10 days if you undertake certain responsibilities. The loan conditions allow for as much as four weeks in arrears for your payment. This needs to be taken into account in case of unexpected events such as emergencies or delayed wages.


After much research, we found that this is the best option when looking for an auto loan in Phoenix.

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