Midfirst Auto Loan

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What is a Mid First Auto Loan?

Mid-first auto loans are used by consumers when they have a car that is worth more than their trade-in cars. It typically takes around three months for lenders to approve a loan for this type of vehicle. The borrower will most likely offer their car as collateral in order to receive the loan. This new loan leaves few or no remaining trade-in options, making it necessary to take cash from someone or find a new trade-in car to use as collateral.

How Does a Mid First Auto Loan work?

A Mid First Auto Loan replaces the traditional first, second, and third mortgage loans. Instead of relying on lenders to grant car buyers a loan that covers multiple payments at once, mid first auto loans will split up this single payment into 18 6-month installments. It allows consumers to borrow against their equity without having to put too much of a dent in their wallet.

Benefits of a Mid First Auto Loan

A mid first auto loan is a popular option when you’re looking for financing. You can stretch your payments over a longer period of time by paying off your balance in 12, 24, or 36 monthly installments. This allows you to pay more upfront, get more bang for your buck, and reduce the amount of interest you accrue on your loan.

What are the Costs?

The midFirst Auto Loan is a simple auto loan that allows customers to pre-qualify their loan online and start the funding process quickly. If a customer is approved, they can purchase their car without ever leaving a dealership. The benefits of the program are the low up-front cost, how eligible people can apply using this method, and how close they can get to their dream car even before submitting an application.

Requirements to Get a Mid First Auto Loan

In order to get a mid first auto loan from The Essex Auto Sales, a person has to meet certain requirements. These requirements include making at least 3 or more monthly payments over the span of 12 months. They also have to be complete high school students. In addition, the car they are financing cannot be older than 15 years and come with a low mileage.

Find Your Car and Compare Rates

MidFirst Auto Loan is the best way to buy a car. They allow you to find the car that is best for your needs and walk away with a new car all signed and ready to go. They compare rates from other lenders so you are never buying a $10,000 model as it might be down the street or over a different loan amount. You can visit their website or reach out by calling 877-829-9997..

Apply for your Mid First Auto Loan Online

Mid First Auto Loan offers an online auto loan application process. This way, you have access to the desired car at your convenience and do not need to spend hours filling out tedious paperwork. Furthermore, Mid First Auto Loan offers a variety of auto loans that are available for customers with any income level and credit score.


The automobile industry has reached a recreational all-time high. People are driving more, buying more cars, and car affordability is at a major competitive advantage. This can be seen through the surge in car sales recently, especially among young people. With the numbers of both interest rates and car sales rising, there is no point denying the dangers that come with driving. Midfirst auto loans makes it even easier for consumers to get into a brand new car or upgrade their existing loan using special promotion offers!

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