Ohio Auto Loan Services Inc

Ohio Auto Loan Services is an auto refinancing company based based in Ohio. Each and every day, our experts help thousands of people achieve the engine of their dreams by providing them with car financing options that meet their own specific needs.

What is Ohio Auto Loan Services Inc?

Ohio Auto Loan Services, or OALL as it’s affectionately called, was founded 45 years ago by Lloyd Gross. The company has since grown and is now not only the premier auto lender in Ohio but one of the premier lenders in this country. Ranging from amounts to lease, buy and more transactions accomplished each month mark them for true success.

Types of Loans

A loan can be used to obtain a car. There are two types of loans. One is an auto loan, which gives the borrower money that they pay back by car payments made over the course of time. If a person doesn’t have enough money to afford all their monthly car payments, they will need to dig into their savings or borrow more funds via another type of loan such as a credit card or auto title loan. The other type is auto title loans. They tend to be less expensive but are often for cars worth less than $3,000. They use the vehicle’s title as collateral debt and cannot be transferred away from the lender even if the borrower sells it with the sale proceeds credited towards that account in full plus accrued interest

Loans for Bad Credit

The easiest way to get a car loan if you have bad credit is to go through Ohio Auto Loan Services Inc. They will get you approved no matter what your credit score is or the fine print of your loan agreement. Call them today for a free initial consultation and check out their NEW programs that make getting a loan for bad credit easy!

Types of Vehicles

In Ohio, all drivers are allowed to take out a car loan. That means both personal and business loans. When considering which type of loan you may want to consider taking, it is important to look at the types of vehicle you will be purchasing. Small cars with engines under 1 liter can be taken out with a max value between $2,500 – $7,500. Luxury cars and vehicles with very specific powertrain can be taken out for up to $25,000.

Vehicle Financing Options

Obtaining financing for a car is important. There are some good reasons why this is the case. For one thing, it can help to lower the total cost of ownership. It can also help you to pay back your loan over time by paying off part of it every month without having to write checks every time. In regards to Ohio auto loan services, they have a variety of finance options available for their customers. These options include personal loans, leases, and used car financing at competitive prices.

Automotive Financing Options

Ohio Auto Loan Services has financing options for every type of driver. They offer loans for all types of automobiles, including brand new and previous models. With these financing options, borrowers can enjoy low rates and flexible periods.

How to Apply for a Loan

The first step in obtaining an auto loan is to find out what your credit score is in order to compare rates. If your score is lower than desired, the best way to raise it is by using promotional credit. To do this, you need to call each lender and ask for one during a period of time when they are offering them for free or for low interest rates. Once you have obtained your desired credit score, apply for a loan from one of the reputable lenders.

Terms and Conditions

There are many different ways lenders will offer you loan products to stimulate their economy. Payment schedules could vary from term loans and car buys to revolving credits with monthly payments. Currently, the standard for loan terms is six months or less. For example, if you are taking out a $10 000 loan over 16 months, there would be 84 monthly payments which comes out to $720


The Auto Loan Services department at OHIO provides a safe and secure way to finance your vehicle purchases, leases, and refinancings. We have helped thousands of people with dozens of vehicles across the U.S.

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