Scott Credit Union Auto Loan Rates

Did you know that the rates may be lower than what you originally thought? There are other factors to consider when putting down a car loan, just like the cost of your car. Find out in this article how to save more and take on a lower-interest car loan.

Auto loans are the best way to finance a new or used car

When you want the best car financing rates you need to talk with your local scott credit union branch. Scott credit union branches offer competitive auto loan rates with short term and longer term options. For additional information, please contact roger at (877)247-4364.

Get a better loan rate with scott credit union

There is a lot of competition for car loans, but scott credit union has the most competitive rates around. One in particular has a loan rate as low as 1.99 percent and even offer discounts for people with good credit.

Loans vs. Payments

Scott Credit Union offers many auto loan rates based on credit. The best rates are up to 1%.

Types of Loans for Cars

When you get a car, there are many different options of loans and terms. Foremost, before choosing the right loan for your needs, find out what your credit score is. Then, visit the dealership with your lender and have them look up your score to see which loan would be best with that credit rating. If they give you a time limit on which loan you should choose, then stick to this and quickly compare the two loans. Honing in on these two loans will speed up the process and help you find the best option for you.

Buying a Car?

Dealing with a now familiar part of our lives, shopping for a car can be overwhelming so it’s always exciting to find out about the lowest auto loan rate and other benefits of using a credit union like scott credit union in North Charleston.

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