St Marys Auto Loan

Do you need a new car but waiting for a lower interest rate? Or perhaps, your car just won’t start after your “No Sale” deadline ends? Then you are in the right place! At st Marys Auto Loan we offer loans with no credit checks and the lowest interest rates around. Read our review to find out more about who we are and what our services offer: A licensed dealer or repossession must be made at all times.

How We Started

St Marys Auto Loan was started in 2008. The owner’s intention was to meet the needs of their customers by providing loan for people with bad credit that are interested in buying an used car. The company has large stock from independent dealers in Dallas, TX and Edinburg, TX that were left there by previous owners. In addition, the owner works closely with banks and credit unions in a dozen cities to ensure that his clients can get a financial solution for their needs quickly.

Our Process

We are delighted to offer a wide range of auto loan options. Our team is knowledgeable and eager to help you make the most informed decision that will suit your needs.

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Our Generous Backer Program

We offer a Generous Backer Program through which lenders and car collectors donate their vehicles to charity. Donors receive tax write-offs, the cars are refurbished in partnership with a trusted vintage vehicle shop, and written documentation is provided that can be used to listing them for sale on my st marys auto loan website


With an auto loan from st marys, you can buy your dream car for economical prices.

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