Washington Auto Loan House

Whether you need a car on this holiday weekend or just want a little help exploring and planning your destination, Washington Auto Loan House is here to help. We are professional auto loan specialists in the Washington, DC area, who work with independent dealerships and finance companies to provide exceptional customer service.

A Loan Comparison

The car loan comparison website Washington Auto Loan House allows for easy access to compare a car on your budget. When comparing loans options, consider the average interest rate and duration when calculating payments. The site also has features that can show you how much money you need to borrow and what the payment will be per month with just your ZIP code

Top tips on how to lower your monthly car payment

Washington auto loan house is a great resource for car owners. They offer customers information on the ways they can lower their monthly car payment through high-interest loans, leasing, and depreciation repayment. Many customers are overlooked in plans due to their age or credit scores. However, there are responsibilities that everyone involved with a vehicle must be responsible for taking care of including regular upkeep, insurance, licensing and registration.

Money saving tips and tricks

Washington Auto Loan House is a loan-broker style lending company that aids those in need with their car purchases. Sellers on this company can list their vehicles for very cheap prices because all of the processes take place in a quick and efficient manner. The seller need not surrender or negotiate with the buyer and they are able to market their vehicle through WALH and make other arrangements as well.

Experience the Washington Auto Loan House

The Washington Auto Loan House is a car dealership established in 2005 by Gary Epstein to provide affordable loans for car buyers across the US. They have since expanded their services and offer emergency repairs, van leases, bumper to bumper warranties, and brand new cars at very affordable prices.


Washington Auto Loan House offers exceptional car loan services. With our loans, you don’t have to worry about depreciation or coverage gaps covering the cost of your monthly payments.

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