Wescom Auto Loan

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What is a blog?

Blogs are websites that contain a combination of articles and blog posts available for their users to read. They are usally published on the Internet but some may also be circulated through email or printed. Blogs can also be listened to and viewed on upcoming radio broadcasts or podcasts.

Getting Started

Once you’ve started the process of getting your loan, you can expect time consuming paperwork followed by a tough approval process.

Blog Creation

Auto Loan Articles
The blog, wescom auto loan is a new car loan blog written by an automotive loan provider. The articles on the blog address mostly topics to do with the auto extension of credit. They also don’t forget about the importance of car reviews and interviews!

The Sidebar

Travelers can show off their Wescom Auto Loan branded Visitor Guide or even better, visit the company’s headquarters to see the features in person! The sidebars feature is just one way visitors can get a free, redeemable reward.

Creating a Header Image

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Building a Navigation Bar

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The Post Formatting Grid

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Blog Promotion and Outreach

The intent of this blog post is to promote Wescom auto loan and showcase some of their exciting services. The post also includes certain points on what to expect from a large dealership but with an increased level of service.


With cars getting more technologically advanced and technology evolving to keep up, auto manufacturers are always improving their safety and innovations. Now, they release models of auto that are equipped with safety features that do not only make them safer but also cheaper. For example, the Tesla Model 3 cost $35,000 less than other options in the same category. The used Tesla Model S starts at only $50,000.

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