What Is A Good Auto Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate on your vehicle loan is one of the most important items that you consider when financing a major purchase. It’s the percentage of an amount owed for which a loan can be repaid with interest. One way to get a rough estimate for what bank rates are going to be is to ask local credit unions for auto loan rates, and checking online for auto loans at lending institutions.

What is a good auto loan interest rate?

An auto loan is a contract between the company and a customer. The company sells the automobile, or owns it as collateral, to the customer agreeing to provide transportation until it’s paid off (entirely). In return for that agreement, the customer agrees to pay a certain interest rate for their loan. Typically, this rate is about five percent.

Pros of getting a car loan with an interest rate

Car purchases are less expensive when you finance them with a car loan. The downside is that the interest rate is higher and you have to repay it over time. You should compare different auto loan interest rates to see which have the best conditions for you and your budget.

Cons of getting a car loan with an interest rate

Getting a car loan is a popular option that allows someone to purchase a new or used vehicle. The problem with this option is having the right interest rate. For example, many dealerships offer zero percent car loans with an interest rate of three percent. Before getting into these packages, it’s important to calculate how much your monthly payments will be during the term of the loan. Calculating these figures can be helpful in deciding if you’re paying more than necessary for the term of the loan. If this is true, it’s best to look for other options such as buying a car outright and leasing it from the dealership.


When deciding on whether or not to purchase a new or used car, the interest rate of the loan is one of the most important factors that companies consider. Buying a new car typically comes with an all-inclusive deal that provides rebates, warranties and the ability to take advantage of tax credits. That being said, people usually prefer to lease cars due those stats but have certain restrictions set in place by their lender.

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