What Is Auto Loan Interest Rate

A blog post about the auto loan interest rate. How it affects the consumer and how it’s changing through time.

What is Auto Loan Interest Rate

There are many different auto loan interest rates to choose from. The Auto Loan Interest Rates page lists average auto loan interest rates by city, state, and month.

How to Calculate the Auto Loan Interest Rate

There are a number of ways to calculate the auto loan interest rate. One way is to add the finance charges from all the payments and divide it into the cost of the car. A second way is start by using the official APR from a bank, but then adjust it based on your creditworthiness and existing debt.

How to Compare an Auto Loan with Other Loans

The interest rate on an auto loan is one of the most important terms to consider when taking out a loan for a vehicle. If you are comparing how much money is making on an auto loan with how much you’re saving by owning a car for longer, you should compare annual ratio of your payment to the purchase price of the car. If the average annual interest rate is 10%, and you buy an $18,000 car at 25% down plus $3000 in payments per year.
The effective 92-month total cost of the car would be $5,534 if you bought it outright. In this formers model, it would take 3.8 years to pay off the purchase price with no other costs (e.g loans) accumulated outside of differing rates such as depreciation, sales tax etc…

Know your car loan interest rate

The interest rate is the percentage charged for money


Automobiles use gasoline to move while they also need a periodic fix-up service. One of the reasons why vehicles are expensive is because they are powered by gas that comes at a high price. This auto loan interest rate especially affects people who own new cars every few years since their auto loans will be higher than older cars which can hold their value over time and offer better resale values for the owner.

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